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The design process is about designing the lock. While designing it, we do many things, such as; making a lock according to the customer’s specifications, design around the past lock company’s lock, and make sure that the lock uses the same purpose as before.


In this step the mechanisms are made to fit a particular lock order. The machines may be re-tooled or reset during this step. Mainly in this step we make the rest of the parts needed to make the lock. Some of these parts include; the cylinder, guard plates, washers, the bolt or cam, and the casing.


In the assembly process we put the locks together by hand. We also make sure that the key works in the lock we just made. Next, we pass it to a quality control station to make sure everything is right, and then it is dusted or polished.



The mechanics of industry is easy. The real engine is the people :

“Their motivation and direction.”

Ken Gilbert